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Doggy Health Warnings

On this page you will find notices for any doggy heath issues in the area, eg kennel cough etc.

If you are aware of any issues please email us with the details so that we can pass the message on to our members.

Sickness and Diarrhhoea Bug

If you ever find that your dog is suffering from a sickness and diarrhhoea bug then please do not bring them to club until they are better, try not to walk them in public areas, and to be safe rather than sorry have them checked out at your vets. Your dog can become dehydrated with this type of bug so keep a careful eye on your dog.

Kennel Cough

This is a disease which can cause a nasty harsh cough and raised temperature and in some rare cases can progress to bronchopneumonia. Regardless of the name this is not a disease that your dog can only get from the Kennels, it is spread by nose to nose contact and by inhaling airborne particles from infected dogs. Therefore it can be caught from Kennels, training classes and close contact with other dogs when out for walks in parks etc. The advice from Veterinary practices is that dogs in these risk groups should be vaccinated annually against the disease. When exposed to the disease vaccinated dogs can sometimes develop a mild cough but they should be protected from the more severe forms of Kennel Cough.

If you think your dog may have kennel cough, please inform the club, contact your veterinary practice for advice/treatment, and please keep your dog at home until better to prevent the disease from spreading.